March 2021

Well hello everyone!  It’s March!  March already, can you believe it?!  I LOVE waking up in daylight instead of it being dark until 8:30am - it’s so good for the soul and gives us all a well needed lift!

I dunno about you but I’ve struggled in February, apart from the snow (which was awesome by the way - apart from not getting any stock of sledges haha!).  I felt like it was a VERY LONG month even with it being only 28 days!  However, we are on our way up and out of lockdown, AND on our way to beautiful Spring! 

So, what’s been happening at HH I hear you ask?!

Well, we’ve been getting ready with ordering lots of stock for our Spring/Summer leaflets that will be delivered through everybody’s front door within a 15 mile radius of the shop at the end of May.  There are some cracking deals on it (if I do say so myself!) so look out for it and of course I will post it all on Facebook as soon as it goes live!  PS: if you’re looking for a BBQ, you will know that they are like rocking horse poo at the moment, but we have some coming in that are at a great price too!  If you want to pre-order one for an early May delivery - let me know (picture & price below)!

We have put up some more apple crate shelving - you know how much I love an apple crate for a retail display!

We haven’t really been up to much else..... APART from adding our 9,500 product lines one by one onto our new website - only 7,234 to go!!
So, gossip in the village.....
- New tapas/micro pub going into No17 The deli!
- JA Hairdressing going into the old Escape building

If any of you have been to Tenterden or Maidstone recently, you would have seen how many empty shops there are currently due to the pandemic, whereas our lovely little Headcorn seems to be doing pretty damn well considering, and that is thanks to you lovely lot!

Roll on 29th March when I will be round my mum’s with my lovely Karen having a BBQ & lots of Aperol Spritz.... even if it is raining!

Love to you all