About us

Headcorn Hardware has been trading for years and years, possibly since Jesus was a boy!  Alan Hancock bought it in 2002 then, after a mid-life crisis, decided to sail the world so handed it over to his teenage daughter, Sarah (me!!).  Alan changed his mind after a few months and wanted to come back but I told him where to go as I was loving my new role AND I was making a success of it!  He went, and I’ve been running it for him since then... he’s not been as silent as I’d like him to be but you can’t have everything! I still have massive passion for the shop and for Headcorn, so much so I even sat on the Parish Council for a while.

I have gradually tried to update the look of Headcorn Hardware, filling it with funky apple crates and now a new counter from where me and my team of ladies serve our customers.  We are so lucky to have so many wonderful customers who, over the years, have become friends.  Most just pop in just for a chat!  These relationships have really strengthened over the past year with Covid when we realised just what a pivotal role the shop has in the village - so many of our customers are elderly or live on their own, and needed not only perhaps help with repairs or guidance on paint to use on their furniture or sheds, but also to have some friendly human contact. We love seeing our customers and we just love to look after them.  We even started doing deliveries during lockdown which has come in really handy for our customers as we can normally get what they need to them within a few hours - beat that Amazon!!!!

Headcorn Hardware is an Aladdin’s Cave of items from window squeegees to model paints to garden shears to nuts, bolts and toilet plungers. We have a lovely range of kitchen items too to help with baking and roasting needs, to egg slicing and steamers. We do greeting cards and some lovely bar craft and chintzy items too that are great for pressies!  We simply do everything..... apart from Chinese takeaways (we do the boxes though!)!  Even your doggies get a treat when they come in!

If we don’t have what you need, we can probably get it and if we can’t, we’ll happily point you in the right direction to find what you need. Helping people is what we do, and we love it!